Make The MEGA Mocha

Make The MEGA Mocha

Warm Yourself with the Ultimately MOTIVATING MOCHA!

It's F*cking Cold. There's no two ways about it.

Us Insomniacs need something to warm our black hearts. Sure, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a straight up black brew. In fact, it's usually perfect to get us in the zone. But sometimes, you've just got to indulge yourself yakno?

That's where the Mega Mocha comes in. The classic mocha offers a sweet chocolatey finish to your brew - which is nice. But more the sort of nice that makes you want to curl up in ball, next to a fireplace and watch 3 seasons of that series you always were told to watch and now finally are and realise what you were missing out on.

That's not what we're going for here. We want that indulgent chocolatey flavour, with the caffeine kick that makes us a force to be reckoned with. Unstoppable. Relentless. With a belly full of chocolatey-coffee tastiness. That's what we want.

Here's How It's Done

Have we drilled this into you yet? IT'S ALL. ABOUT. THE BEANS. Often overlooked, especially in drinks like the mocha - if the coffee isn't fresh and good quality, no amount of chocolate will save it from it's crappy tasting doom. For the ultimate freshness, we recommend grinding your beans fresh.

1. Measure out 16 grams of ground coffee. Once you've ground your beans, this should be a good amount for your espresso at the base of the drink. Remember, Black Insomnia has 4x the caffeine of your regular standard coffee - so this is where the belly of the beast lies!

2. Brew your coffee The all important brew - if you need a guide for your specific method, check out our 'This is How We Brew It' Guide. All methods will work, but some will give you more clarity of flavour from your coffee, such as the v60. If you're making a few cups for your buddies, the cafetiere will make a bigger brew a breeze. Choose your fighter.

3. Add Your Choc. Decisions, decisions. For our Mega Mocha, we recommend a darker chocolate, to give that deeper chocolate taste - but you can choose any kind of chocolate here. Grate (or finely chop) about 4 tablespoons of chocolate so that it melts nicely into your espresso.

4. La leche It's not our usual style, but if there was ever a time for milk - it's now. Ideally steamed to give a hot, creamy mug of mocha. Add some whipped cream because f*ck it, and go get some sh*t done!!

5. Tell Your Friends Because what kind of a friend are you if you don't tell them about this drink.

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